AXE takes its League of Legends partnership a step further with ad campaign aimed at gamers

AXE has teamed up with League of Legends for its latest advertising campaign.

The Unilever-owned fragrance brand recently became the official grooming partner of League of Legends esports global events.
Now it has just produced its has just launched its first campaign - What's Your Move? - at the 2019 World Championship.
Created by 72andSunny Amsterdam, the integrated campaign aims to inspire moves in and around the game.
"Chrono break" shows a young gamer's attempt to seem cool in front of a love interest, while "Shop button" follows a couple celebrating their six-month anniversary with a giant sword. "So many are gonna suffer," the awestruck girlfriend says while holding her new weapon, called "the bloodthirster".
The partnership reinforces the grooming brandi's commitment to use their AXE GAMING platform to inspire and enable gamers to bring their confident moves in connecting with others.

AXE Global Direcrtor Gaurav Raisinghani said: "We've been massive fans of League of Legends Esports and of the community they've built. Our campaign had to hold true to both the game and its players. Each brand film has a keystroke at its heart" referencing legendary characters from the game and featuring some of their iconic moves.

"With each keystroke a different move to be made - a strategic decision that can make or break your game."
The films, Chrono Break and Shop Button, will also air at the events in Madrid and Paris. The partnership also includes in-tournament activations, including a What's Your Move? Dance Cam, a unique augmented reality experience where fans can Enter the Rift, and an RFID-enabled gaming scavenger hunt at the Esports Village in Paris.