The Ocean Race has been officially sanctioned by World Sailing

The 2021/22 and 2025/26 editions of The Ocean Race has been given Special Event status by World Sailing.

It officially puts the global race under World Sailing's Racing Rules of Sailing and Regulations. The governing body will also administer anti-doping rules with World Sailing Race Officials overseeing the action, which for the next edition is scheduled to start  in Alicante, Spain in Q4 of 2021 and finish in Genoa, Italy in the early summer of 2022.

The Ocean Race will also receive promotional and marketing support from World Sailing in the build-up to the races.

World Sailing President Kim Andersen commented, "The Ocean Race has continuously inspired millions with its innovative approach to presenting sailing and telling some of the most compelling narratives in worldwide sport."

We're excited about working with The Ocean Race over the next seven years and showcasing the event to an expanding audience and inspiring millions more people to fall in love with sailing.

Race Director of The Ocean Race Phil Lawrence said: "The Ocean Race has a proven tradition towards encouraging youth participation and mixed crews and we are pleased to continue our work with World Sailing to ensure the Race will continue to hold a leadership position in these initiatives, as well as ocean health and sustainability."