Rugby World Cup big in Japan thanks to partnership with TikTok

The Rugby World Cup has taken social media by storm claiming more than 40million impressions on TikTok even before the group stages are complete.
In an interview with SportsPro, World Rugbys chief marketing officer Marissa Pace offered an insight into the digital strategy for the tournament in Japan.

There is no doubt that the host nation's victory over Ireland was a massive plus for the Dublin-based World Rugby team and their decision to move away from traditional methods of engaging fans has proved hugely successful. 

At the top of this is the partnership with social video platform TikTok, which gets fans to create their own Rugby World Cup content. 
Pace said: You have to present the content that people want to consume, and that is ever-changing. We can't just stick with the traditional platforms anymore.

TikTok is also a very strong platform in Asia, as you will know, and has a very young demographic I think ages 13 to 17 are their primary fan base. 
So, for us to get on there is a complete departure from what we have done traditionally, and I think that is the approach we decided on coming into the Rugby World Cup.

We decided to take a risk and to offer much edgier content than we ever have done. We don't want to be a highlights reel, and it has clearly paid off on our TikTok platform, on SnapChat, and with our Rugby World Cup Daily show.

Our objective is to show just how fun rugby is and, as a traditional sport, we might be the victims of our own success sometimes, and our own image, but that is where these new platforms come through for us, and they have been delivering us results.