Move Over Big Screens, Gen Z Turns to Mobile for Shows

A survey conducted by into the viewing habits of millennials vs Gen Zers suggests the new generation are migrating from the big screen to their mobile phone for video entertainment.

Just under  2/3 of Gen Zers surveyed (61%) prefer to watch videos and shows on their smartphone rather than on TV, compared to just 27% of millennials.

Like millennials about 60% of their viewing time occurs in the evenings, but the younger group spreads their consumption more evenly through the day, watching more video in the morning, when doing other things, during commutes and generally to fill their downtime in the day.
This shows a wider window for marketeers and content producers to connect with Gen Zers via their smartphone than previous generations.
The study shows Gen Z relies more on smartphones as their primary source of entertainment, with 40% using it to watch Netflix compared to 22% of millennials. This rises to 74% for You Tube and 83% for Facebook videos.

These results match those of a study in April by the Bundesliga which showed Gen Zers consumed the majority of their content on the German Football League on their smartphone, ahead of TV.